Motorsport photography, my first venture

My first venture into motorsport photography was when I drove down to watch the 2019 World Rally Championship in Wales. Accompanied by my DSLR I was eager for the action-packed event. I arrived on the eve of the action, before suffering an uncomfortable sleep in the car (an old Mini!). This was abruptly brought to an end by the hum of the safety vehicle’s sirens touring the course in preparation. Despite being awoken early, and my surroundings being freezing and gloomy, I was buzzing and delighted to make my way to my position for the start of the frantic rally.

Motorsport Photography was going to be a challenge

In preparation, I had spent weeks before the event studying a variety of stage maps and images from previous years. I wanted to ensure that I was in the best possible positions from a photographer’s perspective. However, it was so dark and cold that I lost my bearings and had to follow various other spectators until I reached the first spectator’s point. Some more safety vehicles paraded past me, before the superb Subaru 0 safety car sped through the majestic stage. Some final checks took place before the event was given the ‘all clear’. I was finally poised and ready to capture my first ever piece of motorsport action! It was going to be a challenge and require great skill, but I was all set.

Hoping to do justice to the magic

What amazed me was the stunning speed, ruthless sound and the brilliant atmosphere that the WRC motorsport event provided throughout. My aim was to capture every driver that shot past me They were each on the limit and giving it their all. I checked over my images in the short but needed gaps and was relatively pleased with what I saw. Hoping to do justice to the magic that I was seeing with my own eyes. I think I was doing alright at adjusting my style to the frantic and exciting environment. Shooting at around 1/400 for the majority of the day, with a high ISO, especially for the early runners in low light. I knew that I had lots to learn, but I was happy being there. I felt great that I was capturing some decent images.

Magnificent cars and drivers

This stage included a 2nd running, which gave me the opportunity to switch my position and to get a variation in my shots from a different angle. The end of the day came, and I was very tired, yet enthused by the experience. Already thinking of where I could visit next to get a similar feeling and experience. I took many images, and I have attached some below but sadly there will not be any new ones for the foreseeable future. The fact is that COVID-19 led to the cancellation of the 2020 running. Whilst the 2021 event has been switched to Belgium. I hope that one day I will get the thrill of seeing and photographing those magnificent cars and drivers once again!

WRC motorsport Hyundai i20 Thiery Neuville

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