This Is What I Do,
This Is What I Love

In a market place that’s become more competitive –and more crowded – by the day, it’s vital that your products shine brighter than the rest. I can make that happen with high quality photography and images that really capture the imagination.

You may only have a few seconds to grab your potential customer. I’ll make sure that every one of those seconds really counts.

Creative Product

Creative product photography is about much more than simply capturing an image. The correct use of props, specialised lighting, creative styling and advanced post-production techniques allows me to manipulate that image to show your product in ways you may not have thought possible.

Naturally, all of these services can take a little more time than a straightforward photo shoot, so pricing is structured accordingly. Usually I’ll charge by a day or half-day but will be happy to discuss your requirements to arrive at a price that suits us both.

Pack Shot Product

A pack shot is most easily defined as a simple photograph of a product on a white or plain background. It’s the perfect shot to make your product the star of its own show and is frequently used in catalogues and e-commerce sites.

My studio is set up to produce perfectly lit, simple, clean and consistent images, ideal for commercial use.

Whatever volume of these shots you may need, I’m ready to deliver.

  • Simple “product on white” photography
  • High volume orders
  • Shadow / Reflection / Clipping path options
  • Clear and competitive pricing per shot