Striking, Sharp
and High Quality
Sporting Images

I want to always capture action photos that pass my own personal standards regardless of the conditions. My criteria is to always create striking, sharp and high quality sporting images, and to get the most out of the photographic equipment I am using. I love capturing the sensation of speed and I’m always looking for new and unique ways of achieving that goal. I want my photographs to evoke the sounds and feeling of race day for the viewer, whether they were there or not!

So what makes a single image so special? Well this can be any number of factors to any number of people. It can be a special moment captured to help preserve its memory forever or can tell a story by capturing that moment in a unique manner. I have to hold myself to a high standard, not just for my own personal pride in my work, but also so that you are thrilled with the results. All of the images on this site are owned by DWImagery, please contact me if you wish to use any of them.